We start to produce Youtube Videos about “How it feels to be on…”

To explain the data presented on the ASDB we currently produce Youtube Videos. In these videos we explain how to use the ASDB and how to read the graphs produced by it. Also additional information will be given about the constructs measured by the different questionnaires. The first three videos will be (1) Introduction to Read more about We start to produce Youtube Videos about “How it feels to be on…”[…]

Tutorial on the Quantification of ASC experiences @ASSC 21 conference

Timo Torsten Schmidt(Institute of Cognitive Science,Germany), will give a tutorial on how ASC experiences are currently quantified in empirical research.Visit the conference website: ASSC 21 conference – tutorials More information on the tutorial:TUTORIAL 4:“ The empirical study of altered states of consciousness: Common standards in the psychometric assessment of subjective experiences” The experimental induction of altered states of Read more about Tutorial on the Quantification of ASC experiences @ASSC 21 conference[…]

PsychedelicScience2017 – conference in Oakland, California

From 19-24.April the PsychedelicScience2017 conference takes place as the biggest conference specialized on psychedelics.It is organized by The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies and brings scientists and non-scientific supporters together.Most presentations will be streamed online – accessible from the conference webpage.We are looking forward to join the next PsychedelicScience meeting to promote the AlteredStatesDatabase!

#Drugscience2017 conference at the Charté in Berlin 7.-9. Sept

Please visit the conference homepage: #Drugscience2017Forschung, Praxis und globaler Wandel in der Drogenwissenschaft des 21. Jahrhunderts Drug Science hat sich zu einer neuen und eigenständigen Disziplin entwickelt. Dabei stehen psychoaktive Substanzen wissenschaftlich im Spannungsfeld zwischen einer neurobiologischen, klinisch-pharmakologischen, psychotherapeutischen, suchtmedizinischen, sozialwissenschaftlichen und politischen Perspektive. „#DrugScience2017″ regt an zur Entwicklung transdisziplinärer Ansätze für eine integrative Drogenwissenschaft. Welche Read more about #Drugscience2017 conference at the Charté in Berlin 7.-9. Sept[…]

The ASDB presented at the Imperial College London

It was a pleasure to discuss the ASDB with David Nutt, Robin Carhart-Harris and all of their colleagues at the Neuropsychopharmacology Unit at Imperial College London. Thank you Dr Timo Schmidt for a very interesting presentation about Phenomenoconnectomics – brain connectivity in altered consciousness. pic.twitter.com/wi4VO36c5y— Imperial Psychiatry (@ImpPsych) February 14, 2017

Book chapter on the quantification of altered states experiences published

With contributions from the ASDB project an article (GERMAN) on empirical research on altered states experiences has been published in the “Handbook Psychoactive Substances”, and is available on SpringerRefworks:Timo T. Schmidt, Tomislav Majić: Empirical investigation of altered states of consciousness: Definition, quantification and research perspectives. [GERMAN: Empirische Untersuchung veränderter Bewusstseinszustände: Definition, Quantifizierung und Forschungsperspektiven.] In: Maximilian von Read more about Book chapter on the quantification of altered states experiences published[…]

Busy feeding the ASDB with scientific data

In a systematic literature research we identified scientific articles that were published in reliable, peer-reviewed journals and contain original empirical data on altered states experiences. Currently, we are busy to extract the reported questionnaire data and feed it into the ASDB. Here some numbers on our progress to fill the ASDB: Initial assessment of 2695 scientific Read more about Busy feeding the ASDB with scientific data[…]