ASDB presented at the international ASSC-Meeting in Beijing, China

Within the last weeks we  were busy to use the ASDB for meta-analyses. This means that we were pooling data from different studies together in order to look for similarities and differences between them.

The main aim of these analyses is to find dose-response relationships. We want to test if the response to particular drugs can be predicted from the dosage taken. This sounds obvious, however it is not clear if all aspects of a drug induced state will increase in the same way with increased dosages.

Another research question of our meta-analyses is how variable the states are that are induced by different methods. By now it is said that psychedelic experiences are highly variable while the responses to stimulants such as Amphetamine or Cocain might be more stereotypic. These issues need to be addressed with scientifically gathered data. This work will contribute to a better understanding of these drugs actions and will help to reduce potential harm.

Timo T. Schmidt presented the first results of our analyses on a poster at a international conference in China, which was attended by approximately 400 scientists from the fields of neuroscience, philosophy and psychology.

Find the original Poster on the ResearchGate Profile of Timo T. Schmidt 

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