Altered states database

Scientific data

The ASDB presents unbiased scientific data on altered states experiences
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We will post NEWS from the scientific study of altered states of consciousness, i.e.: conferences, scientific publications and other scientific sources of altered states research.

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Background information about the data contained in the Altered States Database.

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Use the ASDB to compare the subjective experiences elucidated by different methdos of induction. Select from a list, which induction method should be compared with regrads to data from specified questionnaires.

A Platform with scientific data

Use the ASDB to compare what experiences are elicited by which mind-altering practices

The ASDB was developed by neuroscientists and university students.
The ASDB can be used by scientists and provides a comprehensive overview of existing literature on the psychometric assessment of altered states of consciousness.
The ASDB constitutes a unique encyclopedic research tool. Additionally, we work on related Wikipedia articles. With our Wikiproject we bring scientific information on experiences induced by different drugs and other mind altering methods into public awareness. Only unbiased, scientific data constitutes a reliable source to avoid unintended effects.


Please refer to this database with the following reference